Management Philosophy

人材共有 人材共有

The management philosophy of Keirise Group is the word [人・財・共・育].
"A company is its people.", "A person is wealth."--- we study on the teaching of predecessors".
We have common values purposes ---"man powers is the properties of company." and "education each other"

Basic Principles

百年継続する無限の力 百年継続する無限の力

As one person can do nothing alone, our company couldn't proceed without the staffs's help and those families.
By the milestone of our founding 20 years, we realize again the important of [人・財・共・育],
and think that understanding it is the guidepost for further development and jumping.
We will contribute to improve the social value of all stakeholders by sharing our management philosophy and practicing in our business activities.

Company Creed

熱意 熱意
The things which makes impossible possible when man goes for goal is the energy called "Enthusiasm".
The energy as the enthusiasm is the best weapon hidden in human and is inexhaustible power.
協和 協和
Although The human can take advantage of the enthusiasm, anyone can not something alone and is not perfect.
However, when we faithfully cooperate with each other, the power of one person is grown immeasurably.
躍進 躍進
The enthusiasm without sincerity may not produce the power for successes.
Because there are trusted partner of us, the wishes are granted and we can advance, so we do never forget.

Be the man that is able to regard myself from looking other for [Keirise Group is always "KEIRISE"].
We wish that you are more humanly before a member of Keirise Group.